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Where are you located?
We will make our tutoring services available to you at local libraries and community organizations. 
We will make sure that services are provided at a convenient location for the parent and student.
Our primary locations are at 2809 Holton Ave, and the Winter Street Urban Garden.

Are there long-term contracts?
No.... We work with our clients on a month-to-month basis.  To cancel services, we require our clients to provide
us with a 30 day written notice.  We do require our parents and teachers to sign a parent and student contract agreeing to the goals of the services.

What are the fees?
There are no registration fees.

How much do your services cost?
The cost of services is dependent upon the type of services needed.  This will be discussed during the
needs assessment.

What subjects do you offer?
We offer tutoring services in all subjects including reading, writing, and mathematics for grades K-12. 
We will also tutor students preparing to take the SAT and ACT.  In addition, our tutors are experienced in assisting adult learners prepare for the GED.  Our goal is to prepare students for life-long learning.  

Do you offer other services?
Yes.... We not only tutor students in all academic areas, but we offer mentoring services, case management, social skills classes, parenting classes, day treatment, day reporting, tutoring/literacy, individual and group therapy.  We understand the importance of having a mentor to guide and direct you through education.  Growing Minds, LLC also assists students with organizational skills, time management, prioritizing, test taking, note taking, and study skills.